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Welcome to Jadeite's Sega Master System Museum.


Hello Everyone and welcome to my Sega Master system page. A page dedicated entirely to the BEST video game system in the 1980's This system was and STILL IS one of a kind. With it's 3D game-play you atually feel like "hey... I think I'm actually flying in a space-ship (as in Zaxxon 3D or Blade Eagle 3D) or driving a race car (as in outrun 3D) or even saving the world from a missle crisis (as in Missile Defense 3D) or going through a maze (as in Maze Hunter 3D) Here you will see pictures, hear midis of certain games You will also find links to cheat codes.


This system was the top of the line between 1986 and 1990. This system was made to rival the nintendo entertainment system. Althought the "fold" of the Master System in 1990;

The Sega Master System is STILL being sold today. By places that deal specifically in older video-game systems. You can also find the Sega Master System on internet auctions such as eBay and Yahoo

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